Facebook’s “Add A Link” Button and Instant Articles Effect on SEO

Add A Link Button and Instant Articles Effect on SEO

After telling Techcrunch that it has indexed more than one trillion posts to let people search for links that have been shared with them, data that is not available to Google, Facebook unveiled “Instant Articles”  which is their new product offering for publishers to create fast, interactive articles on the most popular social media site. These are part of Mark Zuckerberg’s strategy for closing exit point of visitors.


If, the trial use of the “Add A Link” button, initially available to a small group of people in the United States, works and eventually is made available to allall, what impact would this have in general?

Add A Link’s Impact

1. This would potentially keep users from searching in Google or scrolling in Facebook’s news feed to find a link to share.
2. This would get users to share more news and other publisher-made content.


Instant Articles video


Instant Articles

This strategy goes hand-in-hand with their introduction of Instant Articles. This new program that natively hosts publisher’s content in the app’s News Feed will initially make the following publishers’ content instantly available:

Initial List of Instant Articles Publishers

initial list of Insant Articles publishers

The New York Times
National Geographic
NBC News
The Atlantic
The Guardian
BBC News
Spiegel Online

The Facebook Development’s Impact on SEO

If part of your SEO strategy is content marketing, which should be the case, then these new Facebook developments will enhance link earning strategies. How? You can do this by being strategic and employing influencer marketing approach, the third step in the Skycraper Technique which is to reach out to the right people.

In this case, you can target publishers from the list above who have already linked to a similar content that you or your team produces.

But, again, this is not simple. Make sure that the publishers you select are interested in your topic. Interact with them via social media. Reach out through email, as a study shows that this is what most digital publishers prefer when being pitched to.

If you’ve been doing SEO for quite a while, how do you think this would impact SEO practice? Feel free to share your comments.

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