Privacy Policy

Red Letters PH’s Privacy Policy

Red Letters PH is fully committed to secure the personal information provided by its visitors. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform users on how their personal information is collected, used, disclosed and stored.

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The Collection of Personal Information

Only data directly disclosed by the users are collected. Additional information may be requested in the future with the user’s permission.

The Use of Personal Information

The personal information collected by Red Letters PH shall be used for business purposes. All information shall be confidentially kept and will not be sold or disclosed to any third party, except with the permission of the user or when required by the law.

The Storage of Personal Information

The personal information collected shall be stored in Red Letters PH’s database. Access to this data is limited only to Red Letters PH.

The Data Subject’s Rights

The user’s personal information may be accessed, updated or modified by the concerned user at anytime.

Compliance with Data Privacy and Protection Laws

This Privacy Policy may be updated as necessary for purposes of compliance with data privacy and protection laws.