Google Penguin Will Roll Out “As Soon As It Is Ready”

Google Penguin will be rolling out “As Soon As It Is Ready”

According to Google’s Zineb Ait, Google Penguin will be rolled out “as soon as it is ready”. At least that’s what they are aiming for, she said. This tweet came as a reply to a question about “the future update Google Penguin.”

Late in 2015, Google hinted on the next Penguin update and Gary Illyes confirmed through a tweet that the said Penguin roll-out will be in 2015. But this never took place and so, search engine marketers are expectant of an early 2016 Penguin update.

The Direction of SEO – Machine Learning and RankBrain


With this development, the timeframe from Google on the Penguin update has been removed. But with Google search chief Amit Singhal retiring late this month and John Giannandrea, who has been running Google’s artificial intelligence research division, replacing him; and after Google announced last year that it developed a system called RankBrain that used machine learning to improve its search results, we can see clearly where SEO is headed – machine learning will continue to be integrated into search in all the ways that make sense.

What to do as Search Marketers

Build High Quality Pages. As marketers,we need to make sure our client’s pages are as high-quality as possible. Here are Google’s search quality guidelines and a good summary by SPN talks about:

a) YMYL pages – “Your Money or Your Life”, a term that Google’s guidelines use to describe pages that offer high-quality information on topics that could reasonably affect a reader’s health, happiness or wealth

b) EAT – “Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness”. To be authoritative and trustworthy, content needs enough expertise.

“High-quality pages possess a few distinct traits: they answer reader questions, provide actionable advice, offer links to and from reputable sources, and promote a high level of reader engagement. As long as the page has the needed level of expertise that will allow it to do its job well, Google considers it high-quality, expert content,” as said by Julia McCoy.

Building your pages or your client’s pages this way will naturally be found and earn links of trust, making them safe from any Google Penguin update.

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