How to View (Unavailable) in Top Conversion Paths Under Multi-Channel Funnels Report

Extracting Valuable Insights from Top Conversion Paths Report Including “Unavailable”

By default, most analysts, when looking at the Google Analytics data of their website, credit or attribute conversions (leads) and ecommerce transactions (sales) to the last campaign, search, ad or step that referred the user when he or she converted. This is easily seen under Acquisition Reports which, by default, shows the Acquisition-Behavior-Conversions (ABC) columns.


Channels, Campaigns Report

Reports with the ABC columns are viewable under the following:

1) Reports under Acquisition > All Traffic

Acquisition - All Traffic Reports

2) Reports under Acquisition > Adwords

Acquisition - Adwords Reports

3) Reports under Acquisition > Campaigns

Acquisition - Campaigns Reports

These reports, however, do not reveal the role that prior website referrals, searches, and ads played in the conversions. The Top Conversion Paths report does. Continue reading