List of 17 Spam Flags by Moz

SEOmoz’s Seventeen Spam Flags: Its Origin


This list is from SEOmoz’s spam flags, the basis for the spam score which went live at the end of March 2015. A site’s spam score can be accessed using SEOmoz’s Open Site Explorer. It is immediately visible in the top metrics and is also accessible in its own tab, “Spam Analysis”, right below the tab “Compare Link Metrics”. This service, though, is only available for Pro subscribers at the moment or through a free trial.

This list of 17 unique signals were obtained from a research, led Dr. Matt Peters, SEOmoz’s in-house scientist, which is a year’s worth of examining many potential factors that predicted that a site might be banned or penalized by the search engine Google.

Warning Red Triangular Sign 3D

List of 17 Spam Flags

The seventeen key possible indicators that a site may be spam are: Continue reading