Maintaining Ad Positions 1 to 4 in Adwords Search Ads

Maintaining Ad Positions 1 to 4 is the Main Thing After Google’s New SERP Layout Update

A few months back, the PPC advertising community buzzed with the news about Google’s New SERP Layout. Bottom line, the ads on the right hand side of the search engine results page, which contained positions 4 to 11 on the paid results, have been removed. What used to be 3 ads on top, above the organic search results was changed to 4 paid text ads.

new SERP layout

There was a post by Search Engine Land about who really benefited or suffered because of Google’s updated SERP layout and some PPC data related to the SERP layout change were also provided by Word Stream.

How to Stay in Position 1 to 4 in Google Paid Ad Results

Inevitably, a PPC advertiser’s concern that need to be addressed is how to stay on positions 1 to 4 in the paid ads results. Google explains ad position – it is “determined by a formula called Ad Rank that gives your ad a score based on” three factors: Continue reading